Popular Canadian Restaurant Franchises

There are many restaurant franchises in Canada to apply for financing, get the required permits and licenses, and start a successful business.

Top Restaurant Franchises

Popular beverage and food franchises in Canada offer existing and start-up businesses an excellent opportunity to invest, grow, and expand. Examples include the Boston Pizza, Mr. Sub, Second Cup, Tim Hortons, and Country Style. Tim Hortons, for example, has 4,613 locations and offers soups and sides, salads and wraps, snacks, sandwiches, breakfast options, and more. They have a franchising program for businesses that can meet the minimum requirements – liquid assets worth $500,000 and net worth of at least $1.5 million. Unfortunately, opportunities are available in smaller markets only. Country Style is a coffee chain that was established in 1963 in Toronto. Customers are offered breakfast and lunch options, tarts, croissants, and more. Lunch options include soups, wraps, sandwiches, baguettes, and chili. Businesses can choose from express and full store locations for their shop. The chain helps with bank financial assistance, in-store training, and support for lease negotiations, site selection, and regional and local marketing campaigns. Boston Pizza is also a popular chain that was established in 1964 as a sports bar and a family restaurant. The menu features salads, mains, burgers, pasta, pizza, and starters. Gluten-wise options are also available. Boston Pizza also offers student awards and runs school programs and fundraising programs. Franchising opportunities are available across Canada and are offered to persons who want to start a family business. Applicants are asked about their business experience, including years of experience, name of employer, and current occupation. They are also asked about their net worth and how much they have available for investment.


There are different sources of financing to start a restaurant franchise business, including credit union and bank loans, the Canada Small Business Financing Program, finance companies, and others. Big banks such as Scotiabank and CIBC, for example, offer financing to franchise businesses, and there are different options to choose from – term loans, operating credit, and leases for equipment. Banking packages are also available. CIBC also offers franchise financing and features key benefits such as a wide selection of corporate services, alternative sources of financing, and customized packages. Franchise financing is the right option for customers who have a strong balance sheet, need more than $5 million, and have unit or franchise requirements of more than $250,000. TD Canada Trust offers business solutions and expert advice to customers who need external financing for a franchise business. Customers can choose from different products, including lines of credit, business loans with competitive terms and flexible repayment schedules, etc. Loans under the Canada Small Business Financing Program feature lower than average rates and help businesses save money. Another option is to apply for a loan with a finance company but rates are usually higher. Businesses with fair or poor score often apply with finance companies because their options are more limited. In any case, it is a good idea to develop a business plan and include details such as financing requirements, store location, competitive advantages, and more. You may want to include things like start-up and company summary, total start-up expenses and requirements, etc. Start-up expenses include insurance, loan origination fees, franchise fee, building improvements and renovations, equipment, business license, and so on.

Calgary Food Scene

Calgary has a diverse food scene and plenty to offer, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, meat-lover or want to try new tastes and different cuisines.

Budget Restaurants

There are plenty of good restaurants for visitors on a budget - JIMMY'S A&A DELI, Boogies Burgers, Gaga Pizza, Peters' Drive-In, and others. Gaga Pizza, for example, offers sandwiches, homemade soups, pizzas, and desserts. Pizzas combine tasty and fresh ingredients such as ham, mozzarella, feta cheese, green pepper, spinach, artichoke, mushrooms, and tuna. Peters' Drive-In also offers fresh food to budget travelers and everyone who loves hot dogs, burgers, cheese dogs, and onion rings. Pure, trans fat-free and cholesterol-free canola oil is used to cook onion rings and fries, and burgers contain no fillers and other artificial ingredients. In fact, burgers contain only grade A ground chuck. Sundaes feature whipped cream, real fruit, and ice cream.

Local Food

If you want to try local food, there are great places to taste delicious meals in Calgary - NOtaBLE - The Restaurant, River Cafe, Saltlik Steakhouse, and others. Visitors of NOtaBLE - The Restaurant, for instance, can choose from different menus, including gourmet, lunch, dinner, dessert, gluten aware, and brunch menus. The gluten aware menu features organic salmon, rotisserie quarter chicken, East Coast scallops, and steak tartare with potato chips, cornichons, mustard, and truffles. If you pop up at brunch, you can try the egg frittata with avocado, spinach, and feta or rotisserie pork hash with spicy ranch, salsa, jelapeno Jack cheese, and fried eggs. They also offer delicious desserts such as pineapple carrot cake, chocolate pudding, and buttermilk doughnut. The Saltlik Steakhouse is also a good place to try local food and enjoy a meal with family or friends. The menu features tasty offerings such as grilled salmon with roasted broccoli and romesco sauce, hand-pressed burger with smoked bacon and cheddar, and grilled BBQ ribs with fries, creamy coleslaw, and BBQ sauce. They also offer delectable desserts such as molten chocolate cake, sticky toffee pudding, handmade apple pie, and cheesecake with passion fruit and mango sauce (New York style).

Vegetarian Friendly

If you are a vegetarian or are up for a veggie meal, there are plenty of options to have lunch, dinner, or brunch. Try the Brooklyn Pizzeria and Taps, OEB Breakfast Co, Vero Bistro Moderne, or Cactus Club Cafe. The Cactus Club Café, for instance, features vegetarian friendly options such as truffle fries, steamed soybeans, and gardenburgers with mustard, red relish, aged cheddar, and sautéed mushrooms. They also offer great desserts such as key lime pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and white chocolate cheesecake. The Coup also features vegetarian friendly and vegan options, superb service, and ambient atmosphere. There are several menus to choose from – desserts, drinks, cocktails, dinner, lunch, and breakfast menus. At breakfast, for example, you can try green eggs with a multigrain toast, pine nuts, seasonal greens, steamed broccoli, pumpkin pesto, and Canadian cheddar. The vegan poacher is also a must try and comes with hollandaise sauce, butter biscuit, poached eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and braised eggplant.

International Cuisine

You will also find plenty of American, Asian, Greek, Japanese, and Thai restaurants that offer great food. If you are a fan of Brazilian or Argentinian cuisine, you can have lunch or dinner at Bolero, Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse, La Casa Latina Restaurant, or Charbar. The Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse is located downtown and features delicious offerings such as bacon-wrapped steak, parmesan pork loin, beef garlic steak, and boneless leg of lamb. They also have a salad bar to try marinated mushrooms, mixed sweet peppers, beef penne salad, calamari mango salad, and a lot more.